Date: August 16, 2018

                Venue: Shandong Ludong environmental protection technology co., Ltd

                Participants: top management of Ludong company, Dr. Zhao and his party

                Negotiation project: water treatment pharmaceutical cooperation

                After Dr. Zhao's first visit, on August 16, 2018, the Nowitzin team came to Ludong again. The purpose of the investigation is to further understand the production strength of water treatment chemicals, product mix, and scientific research results to determine the direction of cooperation.

                Through mutual understanding, Nowitzon is the world leader in biological innovation to improve the use of Earth's resources.

                Novozyme's more than 700 products are available in 130 countries around the world. Bio-innovation provides exceptional and sustainable solutions to the rapidly changing future market demand, improves industrial efficiency, and protects the planet's resources.

                Dr. Zhao engaged in chemical research for many years, on water pollutants, scale breeding has rich experience. In the water treatment medicament mix aspect also quite obtained. Dr. Zhao stated that the water treatment industry is a rapidly developing emerging industry with considerable potential and is honored to contribute to the world water treatment industry.

                Nowitzin, holding hands with Ludong, has a professional R & D team, filling production base and perfect supply chain system.

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