LD 500 RO Cleaner    Acidity / Alkaline
                LD500 reverse osmosis membrane cleaning agent is a highly effective compound cleaning liquid formula designed for RO membrane.
                LD 510 RO Cleaner For RO/NF/UF    White Powder
                LD510 is an alkaline cleaning agent specially developed for UFF MF membrane. It is composed of a variety of surfactants, chelating agents, defoaming agents, alkaline additives and membrane protectors. 
                LD 600 RO Flocculant
                LD-600 is a kind of high molecular weight organic flocculant. Reverse osmosis flocculant is used in water source with high SDI value and high turbidity, especially in surface water system. It has been widely used in water treatment systems of petroleum……
                LD 660 RO Flocculant
                LD660 is a quaternary ammonium salt water soluble polymer electrolyte, which is suitable for wide range of water quality and not affected by low water temperature. It is helpful to improve the removal of organic colloid, inorganic particles .
                LD 781 RO Biocide
                LD781 reverse osmosis membrane fungicides are special fungicides for reverse osmosis system. This product has strong penetrating ability to microorganism cells, and it can decompose and destroy the cell tissue of microorganism.
                LD 787 RO  Biocide
                LD787 is a special non oxidizing bactericide for reverse osmosis system. It is used to sterilize the reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane system. Using it with the cleaning agent provided by our company.
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