Power plant corrosion and scale inhibitor LD-ZG001

                ZG001 is composed of organic phosphonic acid, polycarboxylic acid, carbon steel and copper corrosion inhibitor.

                Petrochemical plant corrosion and scale inhibitor LD-ZG002
                ZG002 is composed of a variety of organophosphorus carboxylic acids, polycarboxylic acids, sulfonate copolymers, corrosion inhibitors, special interface active agents and other composite corrosion inhib
                Non-phosphorous environmental Scale inhibitor LD-ZG003
                ZG003 is a non-phosphorus environmental corrosion and scale inhibitor that our company wants to develop at the request of national environmental protection. 
                Special scale inhibitor for heat network LD-ZG004
                The scale inhibitor for ZG004 heat network is mainly composed of high effective dispersant, phenolic hydroxyl group, sulfonic group and so on. 
                Special scale inhibitor for boiler LD-ZG005
                The special corrosion and scale inhibitor for ZG005 boiler is composed of organic phosphonic acid and polycarboxylic acid. 
                High Efficiency Gray Water Scale Inhibitor LD-ZG006
                LD-ZG006 high efficient ash water scale inhibitor and dispersant, a new generation scale inhibitor and dispersant developed by our company in view of the characteristics of coal water slurry gasification process.
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